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Can someone help me find an On1/On2/Both On/Off mini switch?

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    I've been searching for one of these switches to no avail, perhaps any of you might know where i can get one?
    And it has to be a mini toggle switch because I am working with a very small space.
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    Hi richleyance. smiley_sign_welcome.gif

    I have no idea whether such a thing is marketed. We'll see....

    Roughly what current and voltage will it need to carry?

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    I think it will be called a 2P4T mini slide switch

    2 poles, 4 throws/positions

    Try a google search to see whether that's the item.
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    I don't suppose I would be able to use an on/off/on switch but wire one circuit to one on and both circuits to the other on and have it work that way would I? So this way the single on would only power the plug for charging and a separate circuit while the on with both will allow me to have both the integrated circuit and the plug circuit running at the same time.
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    That would be a single pole, 3 positions switch, 1P3T. Just don't wire anything to the middle position so it will be an OFF.
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    Mini-toggle switches usually come in two or three position. Three position switches have centre position off. I have never seen 4 position mini-toggle switches. Maybe you could use an independent pair of single pole, two position mini-toggle switches next to each other. That would give those combinations.
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    jim hardy

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    Sometimes you have to make-do with what's available.

    I'm thinking of old rotary switches for lamps
    four positions: one bulb, other bulb, both bulbs, off.


    a two watt laser ? This thing stays indoors i hope, and isn't around people.
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    Indeed. That thing could "Shoot Your Eye Out".
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    That is simple with a little logic and relays. What is your background, and what exactly are you trying to do?
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    You want a 2 Gang - 4 Position rotary switch.
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    I have yet to see a toggle switch with 4 positions. So, much of the advice given here so far is well worth considering.
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