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Homework Help: Can someone point me in the right directon

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    the problem is to intigrate cot[tex]^{2}[/tex]x

    now i kow that cot[tex]^{2}[/tex]x = [tex]\frac{cos^{2}x}{sin^{2}x}[/tex]

    now iv tryed various substitutions like usig the power reducton forumulas...
    and then using double angle substiutions but nothin seems to work for me

    so i was wondering if somone could just tell me where to start so i can
    finish this question.... been trying to figure this out for like a hour now

    thanks in advance
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    Use the identities 1+ cot2(x)= csc2(x) so that cot2(x)= csc2(x)- 1. Since you know that the derivative of cot(x) is csc2(x), that should be easy.
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    Wow that was suprisingly simple thank alot yea i didnt know about that identity that was the first time iv used it. Thnx alot great help
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    There are many pages that list trig identities. Whenever I work with trig functions I always just open a page and have a look at how the functions in the question are related. There are loads of pages, but I do like wikipedias as it has a list of the 6 trig functions in terms of the others which is very handy for some integration questions when trig substitution is needed.

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    Wow very nice im gonna bookmark this page right away thnx again!
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