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Can someone with access to Shankar's QM book help me (vector spaces)?

  1. Aug 5, 2009 #1
    On pg. 2, Shankar seems to just assume (I'm guessing) that [itex]1|V\rangle = |V\rangle[/itex] for all vectors [itex]|V\rangle[/itex] when he does the exercise at the bottom of the page. Is this true, or is it possible to prove [itex]1|V\rangle = |V\rangle[/itex] from the axioms he lists?
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    I think that this is what the author means by "do what is natural". Usually, however, 1|v> = |v> is just listed as an axiom ("there is a scalar multiplication r|v> with 1|v> = |v> and 0|v> = |0>").
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