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Can variable refrigerant flow outdoor units be combined

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    I noticed that some manufacturers have provided data for pre-combined (2 or 3 modules) to achieve higher loads (limited to about 60 refrigeration tons).I was wondering if a designer could combine modules to achieve a greater even larger(different) loads or am i limited to the combinations provided by the manufacturer.
    Thank You
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    The modulation of compressor units outdoors you mentioned is for the purpose of energy savings. This is typical to establishment which air conditioning loads frequently varies in a day period.
    Imagine if there is a central air conditioning system which is designed to cater maximum load say 100%, then the actual demand due to the deviation of use is just 10%? It is a waste of energy to let the unit operates in such condition. Compare it to, let say, 3 units, each capable only of delivering 33% only of the total maximum load. It would be a saving only running (1) 33% unit, and the (2) others are turned off,do you agree?
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    Yes I understand ,however I was wondering if I could combine and modulate single module units as i see fit , and if i can ,what would limit the maximum load and how refrigerant flow to indoor units would be controlled.
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    I'm sorry, I can not digest what you intend to do, could you please, elaborate further.
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    I'm just wondering if outdoor units can be freely combined.
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    Nope you cant freely combine, there is no sense because each has its own compressor and condenser set and why even bother to. It's an additional work, you know.
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