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Can ZETA REGULARIZATION avoid all the UV divergences ?

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    can ZETA REGULARIZATION avoid all the UV divergences ??

    i found a paper http://vixra.org/pdf/1005.0071v1.pdf so using Zeta regularization i can regularize all the integrals by replacing divergent integrals by divergent sums and applying zeta regularization algorithm to get only FINITE results.

    i think that ALL the equations in the paper are correct and that one can get FINITE results by applying zeta regularization even for divergent integrals.
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    Re: can ZETA REGULARIZATION avoid all the UV divergences ??

    I see in the similar threads footer
    can zeta regularization provide FINITENESS to quantum field theory ?? (2010)

    Zeta regularization for UV divergences ?? (2009)

    Submitted Research: Zeta regularization as a renormalization tool..., by eljose (2006)

    The papers linked-to are always either signed by Jose Javier Garcia Moreta
    or else by a PF member from back in 2006 named "eljose"
    Maybe you can somehow consolidate these threads, since they are all about the work of a single individual, always on the same topic.
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    Re: can ZETA REGULARIZATION avoid all the UV divergences ??

    I get FINITE results when I wear a MUUMUU and eat th' ZETA REGULARIZATION on a bran muffin!
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