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Canned or Frozen?

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    Is it better to buy vegetables that are flash frozen or ones that come in a can? I would think it would be better to buy the ones that are frozen as I would imagine would have no preservatives and maintain their nutrients. Canned stuff is a lot more convenient though but I figure since its at room temp they must contain some kind of chemical preservative.
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    The only preservative in canned food is normally sugar or salt - pasturising the content and cans is enough to stop most things going bad.
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    Eat whichever one tastes best to you :)
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    Eat the frozen ones. Those cans are way too hard on ones teeth.
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    Flash-frozen vegetables and fruits are often processed quite promptly, and because of that, nutrients that can be broken down by the enzymes in those foods may be more concentrated in flash-frozen foods than in canned foods, and certainly in foods that are incorporated into processed meals and frozen later as a matter of convenience and presentation. You might want to give frozen convenience food a wide berth, since their labels are very long and contain stuff that you don't necessarily want to eat. Frozen meals are especially high in salt content, for the most part.
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    I don't ever go near frozen meals these days but I do eat a lot of vegetables that I buy frozen. If I buy a frozen bag of corn the ingredients are just "corn". The stuff in the can sometimes will say things like "corn, salt, sodium nitrate", or something like that.
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    I've spent a little time around food processing operations - flash frozen.
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    A quick Google search will tell you that fresh and frozen vegetables are comparable (with frozen edging out "fresh" at times given that "fresh" vegetables can spend considerable time in storage and shipping.)

    The arguments between canned and frozen seem to favour frozen because canning requires cooking at high heats that can reduce nutrients.

    Personally? Frozen over canned because of flavour and texture. Canned vegetables are invariably squishy and have a disgusting feeling in your mouth. And they don't taste as good. I'd go with frozen.
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    I prefer frozen over canned for the flavor too. Whichever one gets you to eat your veggies is probably better than none at all.
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