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Capacitance of cylindrical shells

  1. Jun 13, 2014 #1
    I know the capacitance of cylindrical shell formula if both cylinder length is same.If cylinders length differs between which the dielctric is sandwitched what is the formula to calculte the capacitance?
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    What do you think it would be? How would you expect the capacitance to be different?
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    Capcitance cylindrical shell

    Definetly it will be more .I would like to knowwhat is the formula and how to find the same.
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    I am not finding anay answer.Due fringe effect the capacitance will be more compred to same length cylinders equal to short length.Can anyone tell me the formula for the same
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    All this formula I know.These will workout when both cylinder lengths are same.My question is when there is change in lendth there will be charges dude to fringe effect.Is there any formula to apply during such condition
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