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Career advice/Major decision

  1. Jul 18, 2012 #1
    Hey Everyone!
    I’m new here so I’d appreciate some help
    Well I’m in a dilemma, I struggled so much to choose a career path and I’m still indecisive but I’m pretty sure that I want to become an engineer specifically civil or environmental, I’d like to contribute in something for my society in the future. The idea of realizing projects and seeing the results gets me all excited.
    Right now I feel like I’m far away from achieving my goal.. I’m an applied maths/statistics major, I don’t want to teach math, I don’t want to work in programming or the financial sector, cause these makes me miserable… I have a job in an IT company, it never gets me excited for anything, the only thing I get excited about is the pay check.. I spend my day observing people coding for 7 hours hating their lives...
    Unfortunately I chose this major a year ago and I can’t afford transferring to another university for engineering
    So my main question is there a chance for me to get into civil engineering in grad school? After obtaining a B.S in applied math? What are my options after such bachelor?
    I hope that I don’t have to start all over again.
    By the way the program in my university is pretty rigorous, I took 2 classes of phys last year and I expect a lot of probabilities, parametric and differential equations in fall semester…

    PS: I don't live in the states.. excuse my english
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