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Career advice

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    I am a B.Sc.Physics 3rd year student. Does engineering physics come under engineering or physics? Can I take up engineering physics after this?
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    Not much help from umbekewe there. Amith, what does your school offer in terms of engineering physics? Which school is it under (engineering or physics)?
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    What country do you study in?

    What do you mean "can I take up"?

    Do you mean, as a career or for further study?

    If the former, most engineering degrees 'train' you to be an engineer, ie. I would think it hard to get on a graduate scheme at an engineering company without a degree in engineering. Whereas, for a career in the sciences you don't need such specialisation.

    For the latter, your degree should give you the foundation for your further study. Not in terms of the degree subject, but in terms of understanding and learnign skills, regardless of subject.

    My advice would be, to a lot of threads that appear on here about choosing degree progams with a career in mind, unless that career requires absolute skills, such as, medicine or engineering, it doesn't matter so much what degree you do. Do the degree because you enjoy it - the world and job market will change before you finish - if you just want to study and learn, there's hardly any point making career choices at school.

    Of course, that rant doesn't so much apply to you as you're in your 3rd year - but the answers to my questions at the top would be helpful in getting answers.
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    Actually I wanted to know whether I am eligible to join M.Sc.Engineering physics after completing B.Sc.Physics?
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    Please respond to my query.
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    You need to give more details about your institution...
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    I am doing B.Sc.Physics in Madura College affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University in India. The following are the details of our syllabus:

    Paper I Mechanics, Properties of Matter and Sound

    Paper II Heat and thermodynamics

    Paper III Optics & Spectroscopy

    Paper IV Electricity & Magnetism

    Paper V Modern Physics & Molecular spectroscopy

    Paper VI Energy physics

    Paper VII Solid State Physics

    Paper VIII Electronics
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    Please respond.
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    Did you have the opportunity to enrol on the MSc from the start, ie. when you started your Bsc, or is the MSc a separate one/two-year course?

    If the latter, I see no reason why you can't do it.

    If the former, you may have problems due to prerequisites leading up to the last years of the MSc.

    I don't think anyone on here can give you advice specific to your place of study, so you should go ask someone there.
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