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Career Guidance

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    I was just wondering what does engineering entail. What will i know how to do when i finish a university course in engineering of any sort. With a job as an engineer what would i do?, produce things based on a schematico ro somethign of the sort provided?

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    i'm not an engineer, but here is what I heard.

    being an engineer, you will work for certain companies. I.E, EE work at electric company, telephone company, etc etc,

    you will be the inside person, doing calculations and things like that. It is mainly an office job, and you will have meetings regularly.

    As for designing things, I think those are for the more experience people. At first, you will just do what they tell you to do, such as calculations and things.

    a lot of people misunderstand, and say that since they like to build computers, then they will be a computer engineering major. that doesn't happen that much. If you want to get your hands dirty, that is not it. engineers do more theoritical things.

    that is what i think..no expeirience
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