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Career In Avionics

  1. Aug 22, 2006 #1
    Hey all, this is my first post here:
    I am 25 and live in Scotland UK and have a great interest in Avionics & Aeronautical Engineering, I am a Mechanical Engineer (Industrial) for 9 Years, I have an HNC in Mechanical Engineering and HNC in Electrical Engineering, i have a Siemens Certificate for PLC Programming & Profibus Network Programming and am half way through a C++ Programming Course.

    My Question is what is the recognised qualifications if i wanted to pursue a career in Avionics working on a software field??

    Thanks in advance

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    That's going to be a tough one to answer since I don't know of very many folks on this board who are from Scotland.

    I used to do ME work for a company that did aftermarket repair work for the airline industry. We also had a group that rebuilt/repaired all sorts of avionics components as well as gyros. In this area, most people had the standard backgrounds in electronics and electrical engineering. A few had hands on experience working for OEM companys as well. The company was registered as an FAA repair station, not the individual workers, so if you are worried about having to hold some kind of certification, you're in the clear. Then again, Scotland may be a bit different. I can't say there. Hopefully someone is here from around your area. Good luck.
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    Cheers for the reply m8, realised that this was mostly a US forum but cant find a similar forum for UK, anyone from UK that can help further??


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