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Careers dealing with money

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    How much difference is there between a career in economics, finance, and business?
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    Matters of scale.
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    There is quite a bit of overlap between them so I imagine it would be fairly dependent on the specific job you take.

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    Ah I see...
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    Vanadium 50

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    I'm kind of amused that you asked about careers dealing with money on a physics forum of all places!

    Q. What's the easiest way for a physicist to get a million dollars?

    A. Start with two million.
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    Hey we have a Social Science sub-forum too!

    Perhaps the site has evolved from the "physics and math homework" help place to a more encyclopedic help place! :approve:

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    More specific questions may elicit more specific answers. Or it may not.

    Though Vanadium 50's response justified the thread's existence.
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