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Careers in materials science & engineering

  1. Mar 28, 2013 #1
    Hello PF, I'm wondering if anyone has information about MSE careers and fields of work. I have been doing a ton of research into the differences between a degree in chemical engineering and one in MSE, and have found a veritable plethora of information. But one thing that still stands out in my mind, is that I have not talked to an actual materials engineer.
    Will I be working in a thermally insulated suit?
    Can I have a desk job?
    Can I work in a clean room?
    Will there be an opportunity for field work or travel?
    How about consulting?
    What are my career choices for B.S.e vs M.S.e?
    I have exhausted the web resources for various universities as well as bls.gov. I honestly just want to talk to people that are working: developing, researching, managing, etc.
    Also is there any start-up potential? I've heard of some guys developing a surfboard material and launching a startup, is this the exception or the norm?

    Any input will be appreciated by myself and others! Thanks.
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