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I Casimir force experiments under environmental EM noises?

  1. Apr 25, 2017 #1
    I've always been curious about how rigorous are the Casimir force measurements carried out, because a couple of years ago I read some news about people inventing perpetual motion machine which turned out to be draining power from environmental EM noises, say, radio station, wifi, 3G/4G that keep broadcasting 24/7 nowadays.

    The first papers of experiments confirming Casimir force, e.g. Mohideen & Roy (1998) used a standard AFM, which, I suppose, does have requirements on EM environment and techniques to limit that influence. But for experiments using customized design, e.g. L. Tang et al. 2017 (Nature Photonics), I wonder whether there's general requirement on EM condition in every lab like this so that they need not mention it (in which case, how's the restriction?) OR environmental EM noises are totally irrelevant and will not alter the result (in which case, is there an estimation? how well is Casimir effect against EM noises?)
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