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Centripetal Acceleration help!

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    "An Earth satellite moves in a circular orbit 597 km above Earth's surface with a period of 96.42 min. What are (a) the speed and (b) the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration of the satellite?"

    Ok, so first I converted everything to standard units. I made a circle diagram with radius 597,000m and it's period is 5785.2 seconds. So to find the acceleration I had to find the velocity, which I had as v=(2*(Pi)*(597,000))/5785.2s and got v=648.39 m/s. Then to find the acceleration I used a=(648.39)^2/597,000 and got a=.704 m/s^2, which apparently is wrong. Can someone help me out? Also, what is the difference between the speed and magnitude? Thank you!
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    Since the satellite is orbiting above the earth the radius of its orbit must include the radius of the earth!
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