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Centroid of a moebius strip

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    [SOLVED] centroid of a moebius strip

    Since the edge of a moebius strip is topologically equivalent to a circle, we can cut a disk form an euclidean 2D plane and sew a moebius strip on its place. Now we have a 2D space with a circular-edged moebius strip added. And now this strip is a 2D region in 2D space and we can talk abut its interior, exterior, border, area, centroid, etc. Where is this moebius strip's centroid? (we should be able to define it with the strip's width and radius.
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    I don't mean to be rude or arrogant (because maybe all my questions were stupid and not worth spending time on) but I've asked 4 questions in this forum and the best answer I got (if any) was "err... I knew this but i forgot". Of course this is not a Q&A forum. This is a discussion forum. But after a couple of tries people gave up discussing too. So I will mark this thread as "solved" and never ask a question again (like anyone would care). I wish all academicians here a successful academical career.
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