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CFD Analysis of Solidification and melting of Ice

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    I was doing melting and solidification of ice kept inside a annular cylinder. The temperature of inside wall of cylinder is 80 degree.

    Now i want to analyse the total time consuming to melt the ice and plot temperature variation with time.
    Actually i did analysis but the result i found is absurd and the variation of temperature with time comes straight line always.

    Can you please suggest me.
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    Please tell us what you have done so far .
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    I created a model in ansys design modular. In fluent problem setup, i choose only Transient , melting and solidification option. In post processing The variation of temperature with time comes straight line. Although the contour of liquid fraction and temperature was acceptable.
    For plot The temperature Vs time Graph, created a line parallel to X - axis.

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    I couldn't open the zip file . Just give us a simple explanation of what you have done .
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    I choose material (Ice ) from fluent material list and add latent heat & solidus, liquidus temperature ( both 0 degree). Then patch the ice temp -2 degree inside the annular cylinder. inside wall of cylinder is at 80 degree while outside wall is adiabatic. Now start transient analysis.

    In post processing, i created a line & plot a graph between temperature variation with time on that line.
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    You need to properly understand the physics of this problem before doing any more computer analysis .

    What do you think is actually happening during the melting ?

    What is your conceptual model of the processes involved ?
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