What is Computational fluid dynamics: Definition and 30 Discussions

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and data structures to analyze and solve problems that involve fluid flows. Computers are used to perform the calculations required to simulate the free-stream flow of the fluid, and the interaction of the fluid (liquids and gases) with surfaces defined by boundary conditions. With high-speed supercomputers, better solutions can be achieved, and are often required to solve the largest and most complex problems. Ongoing research yields software that improves the accuracy and speed of complex simulation scenarios such as transonic or turbulent flows. Initial validation of such software is typically performed using experimental apparatus such as wind tunnels. In addition, previously performed analytical or empirical analysis of a particular problem can be used for comparison. A final validation is often performed using full-scale testing, such as flight tests.
CFD is applied to a wide range of research and engineering problems in many fields of study and industries, including aerodynamics and aerospace analysis, weather simulation, natural science and environmental engineering, industrial system design and analysis, biological engineering, fluid flows and heat transfer, and engine and combustion analysis.

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  1. A

    What is the Residual in Computational Fluid Dynamics?

    Can someone please tell me a basic and easy-to-understand example of Residual in CFD? Thank you
  2. M

    Deriving the 1-D Linear Convection Equation

    With the assumptions of Inviscid flow, no pressure gradient and no body force terms in 1-D Navier Stokes becomes 1-D nonlinear convection equation; And if we assume velocity of wave propagation is constant value c, equation becomes 1-D linear convection equation; This is online derivation and...
  3. M

    Computational Fluid Dynamics and refining the mesh

    Hi PF! I'm running a two-phase simulation, which takes a long time to run. The simulation is simply a partially filled tank being drained in zero gravity, and the tank is a little smaller than a mailbox (~ 160 X 40 X 40 mm). Before running the simulation I would like to know if my mesh is...
  4. T

    I Can Turbulent Flow Be Predicted?

    Mathematical proofs that many turbulent flows can be predicted at least in a stochastic sense. Under the right conditions, it turns out that the flow lines and vortices pretty much follow a fractal law. Popular version...
  5. BigDumDum

    Fluid Dynamics and Global Warming

    Almost 90% of all humanity lives in the Northern hemisphere. Due to colonization, expansion, growth, war, water sources, etc. we have amassed our populations in specific areas around the Northern hemisphere. We continue to build at an unprecedented rate. Our buildings are growing wider, taller...
  6. G

    Beyond Viscous Drag, Cavitation, Laminar Flow, & Reynolds

    When using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling you are able to see incredible complexity in water energy transfer. The Thermodynamic energy transfer occurs at much higher velocity so it does not apply in most of the cases I am looking at. What are the other parasitic energy transfers that...
  7. mertcan

    Computational Fluid Dynamics: Dissipation Function Density Based Solver

    ((((As a correction dissipation function in picture should have square of divergence of U)))) Hi, first of all I am aware that we have to discretize the non linear navier stokes equations to reach the almost exact solution, and pressure based or density based algorithms are deployed for that...
  8. U

    Fortran Fortran for Computational Fluid Dynamics Problems

    Dear, Everyone I am a new member here, nice to meet you.. First, I want to introduce my self, I am a master student of physics and I am studying CFD right now. It's a new topic for me and I will also do my research about simulation of fluid dynamics related to CFD. Actually, I got this topic...
  9. L

    Predicting the behaviour of a closed circular airfoil

    I was out and about today and observed a dog walker playing frisbee with their dog. I noticed the frisbee gliding gracefully through the air as the dog jumped to grab it, clutching the ring-like disc in its mouth. It got me to thinking about airflow over the disc, the lift and drag properties...
  10. S

    How Does Computational Mechanics Expertise Enhance Engineering Solutions?

    Emphasis in Computational Mechanics I possesses knowledge of mathematical bases of models such as FEM, BEM and FDM. For which I have modeled the contact of two vertebrae solving FEM by implementation using Matlab and Python. Implementation for computational acquisition of normal modes of mass...
  11. C

    Cellular Automaton, Random Walks, and Fluid Mechanics

    Hi I'm trying to understand a paper that approximates the solution to Burger's equation (1D Navier Stokes) by a doing a one-dimensional cellular automaton simulation. I'm having a hard time understanding how all these topics connect. I have seen and walked through various demonstrations that...
  12. F deba

    CV (cardiovascular) system and MRI related queries

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical physics forums, so no HH Template is shown > Hi guys, I'm an IT student 'and lill favour in my masters research work so please help me to have valid answers for following questions ASAP. 1. Do patient specific MRI contains the information...
  13. C

    A Free energy density in liquid crystals

    Hi, For someone who's familiar with LC's: How to derive the expression for free energy density of an hybrid aligned LC cell? what should be the vector for the director? I already familiar with the cases of splay and bend cell but couldn't understand how to derive it to the case where the cell is...
  14. M

    CFD Analysis of Solidification and melting of Ice

    Hello, I was doing melting and solidification of ice kept inside a annular cylinder. The temperature of inside wall of cylinder is 80 degree. Now i want to analyse the total time consuming to melt the ice and plot temperature variation with time. Actually i did analysis but the result i found...
  15. H

    Fluid solid interaction boundary condition problem

    I have come across the paper attached in which a 1D fluid piston is modeled. I have question on the boundary conditions (BCs) of the system. Essentially, the problem consists of a fluid chamber in contact with a spring (a mass -spring system). ALE is used to move the mesh. I am not certain...
  16. Sivaraman

    Homogeneous equilibrium model-fluid flow

    Hello,I am trying to calculate the velocity in a pipe with length L and Dia D, which is connected to bottom of a pressurized vessel (Vessel dimensions are known, Level of liquid inside the vessel is known). Now i need to figure out the velocity as a function of pressure inside the vessel.We can...
  17. S

    Effect Pressure In Main tube due to outlets

    I had to detect a Leakage in my pipe ,and i am really confused whether the Darcy Weisbach or Hagen-poiseuille equation will be satisfied by the current criteria ,as described below: I have a main tube with ends A and B and various outlets,suppose n outlets are present between A and B , I have...
  18. Feodalherren

    Computational fluid dynamics: steady 2D flow

    1. Homework Statement Homework Equations CFD The Attempt at a Solution I'm a bit confused by this question. So at first what I do for the problem on the left, I find the changes in the velocities in X and and Y on all four sides. I notice that the values on the diagram to the left are...
  19. P

    Schools Computational Fluid Dynamics in Physics Graduate School

    I want to go to physics grad school, but I also want to be ready to go to into CFD for industry if academia doesn't pan out - what area of physics would prepare me best for that?
  20. Astronuc

    Computational Fluid Dynamics by John D. Anderson

    Author: John D. Anderson Title: Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Basics with Applications Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0070016852/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Prerequisities: Calculus, Introductory Physics and/or Aerospace Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer Level...
  21. B

    CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Software Inquiry

    Hey All! Happy Monday (No one likes hearing that) I've been recently looking into the different CFD programs available, and have become somewhat overwhelmed. My purpose today is to get some opinions, reviews, or experienced guidance on which programs would be useful to look into further...
  22. H

    Computational Fluid Dynamics - Couette flow & Reynolds Number

    Homework Statement This is a part of an assignment for a computational modelling paper requiring the modelling of couette flow between two (infinite) parallel plates in MATLAB. The lower plate is stationary while the upper plate moves at 0.1m/s, the plates are 0.01m apart and the no slip...
  23. J

    Preparation for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

    Hi all, I have just completed my undergraduate studies in Mathematics from a UK university (specialising the Mathematical Physics and Fluid Dynamics) and will be continuing on a Masters programme in Applied Mathematics come fall. For my Masters, I would like to do something on CFD but the...
  24. U

    Making a career in Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Hi, I've decided I want to pursue a career in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and I think the best career option for me would be be to take up 'teaching' in my area of interest (since I'm not sure how well I'd be able to do in hard-core research activities) . However, I'm completely unaware...
  25. M

    What are the best books for self-studying computational fluid dynamics?

    i want to master computational fluid dynamics,i do not have that as a subject in my university.so if i do it on my own,please give an idea about the best books for it?
  26. Astronuc

    CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics

    There are a few threads in this forum about CFD, but I thought I'd establish one for a general discussion of CFD methods and applications and tie it in with others as appropriate. In the December '07 issue of Aerospace America in the Aerospace Sciences section is a short article on the recent...
  27. B

    Computational Fluid Dynamics - Introduction

    Hi, hope this is the right area for this. I'm currently doing preliminary research for my computer science dissertation. I'm thinking of doing something in CFD...either representing the effects of wind on fur, or simulating a river flowing. Most CFD 'googles' have resulted in me finding...
  28. C

    Can anyone tell me about computational fluid dynamics

    i'm an engg student.i need to know what CFD is all about and what is its scope
  29. C

    What Is the Best Way to Learn Computational Fluid Dynamics for Beginners?

    I know simple finite element method problems and want to get myself upgraded to CFD. What is the simple and best web to learn that?
  30. S

    Getting Started with Computational Fluid Dynamics: Coding Basics

    Hi all any ideas wat computational fluids dynamics is all about.. how should i go about using it, using codes? Wat kind of codes are used? Is it C programming or stuff like that? Thanks regards ss