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Changes since PF started

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    When I first started posting on PF the big question in physics was whether the Universe would expand forever, or if gravity would eventually win and cause a big crush. Since then we've learned that not only is the Universe expanding, it is accelerating. This is the biggest change in what we know about physics that I can think of. What other major changes has there been since PF started?
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    I guess Pluto becoming a non planet is up there too.
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    Was PF around pre-1998?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    That's what I was about to post. I first heard about the acceleration in "official" terms in March of 1999, and it was being discussed informally at least a year before that.
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    We started Spring of 2001
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    I hadn't heard about it until about 2003 and that's what's important
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    So you were probably still worrying about the solar neutrino problem ?
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