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Chaos At Work In Threads?

  1. Oct 20, 2003 #1
    One thing that seems to happen when a person starts a thread asking a question, looking for insight, is that the more vaguely or poorly phrased the question, the more attractive it seems to be to potential respondants. I find that interesting.

    I'm wondering if anyone else finds this to be true, and what they think might explain it?

    I'm also curious if anyone else feels there are consistant dynamics that crop up in threads?
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    I think it could be due to the tedium that happens for some of the old timers here on the board. I mean how many times can you debate determinism vs free will, or religion vs evolution, or how badly bush is screwing up our country? So when someone comes along with something new, I try and look at it objectively, and sometimes there is insight to be gained from even the most "out there" questions. I for one, am still trying to figure out just what TEN YEARS is getting at with this fishbowl analogy

    *shrug* maybe I just have way too much time on my hands I think my badger post was evidence of that:wink:
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    Two of the many great motivating factors in human nature...simplicity and power. A quick post is easier to toss out than to wade through and critique someone's dissertation (especially when we get into PhD level physics). And demonstrated-knowledge is power in the quest to be the alpha-internet-pedant. Vague/poorly phrased questions are low hanging fruit.
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    So, you're saying you're more attracted to a question because of its novelty than because of it's vagueness. Do you ever notice any patterns that seem to crop up in threads? I often find myself thinking "Oh, this is happening again. I've noticed this in other threads."
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    Re: Re: Chaos At Work In Threads?

    Insightful, accurate (in my opinion), articulate, even a touch poetic. This explanation is excellent far in excess of anything I anticipated.
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    Oh, this is happening again. I've noticed this in other threads.

    Zooby, I think your perception of recurring dynamics in threads can be explained by a phenomenon of brain activity called a simple partial seizure...
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    Now don't you go dissin' my man zoob. :wink:

    Maybe I should make zoobyshoe's last post my new sig line.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence.
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    yes, very well put phobos-

    Well, i'm one of them who usually posts jumbled confusing questions in short little posts as starts to threads...

    People like answering those because like phobos said they're "low hanging fruit." Anyone can answer, there aren't any restrictions. They leave room for the imagination to roam and for everyone to make an opinion and the possibility that its right. Plus, they're funner than ridged, very specific questions.
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    Not a bad idea. Just remember to make your check out to: Mr. Z. Shoe's Quotable Endorsements,
    not: Zoobyshoe.
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    In your case, Gale, there's an additional dynamic at work: the helpless, cute chick factor. Drives all the knights in shining armor wild.
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