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Charge distribution over a solid conductor

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    I was watching a video on the internet about charge distributions over solid conductors. The solid conductor was heart shaped which was positively charged. The lecturer in the video said that when you touched this conductor, the charge would distribute itself non-uniformly over the surface of the conductor. I understand why non-uniformly, however, why would the distribution be on the surface?

    I know why there is no charge inside (explained via Gauss) but wouldn't when I touch it, because humans are conductors, the charge would simply flow through my body and down to earth?

    Why is this not the case? When you are discharging an object, you just touch it with a conductor to transfer the charge.

    Many thanks.

    EDIT: Would it help if I provided the link to the video?
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    You are making the assumption that you are grounded. Pretty much the only way you can have the charge flow through your body to the earth is if your body was in contact with a grounded conductor.
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    I see. So if I was standing on some conducting object then charge would flow to earth. If I am not, then the charge would distribute itself on the surface if we are concerned with conductors.
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