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Charge particle in magnetic field

  1. Apr 6, 2015 #1
    i have a problem to find the motion of motion and integrals in a magnetic field given the potential in cylinder quardinate A=(0,A(r,z),0) and i have trouble to even begin with.
    its part on a course called analitical mechanics with the course book ''mechanics'' by landau lifhsitz'
    the problem even dont mention in the book and i looked it in e.m book to no avail (jackson , greiner, griffiths)
    help please
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    Could you be more specific. Are you looking to determine the Lagrangian for example?
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    Are you aware that the Lagrangian L can be written as T - V - M where M is referred to as a generalized potential not derivable from an ordinary potential as V which depends only on the coordinates and maybe time. M is a function of the coordinate, and velocity,and maybe time For a charged particle in a EM field
    M= - (e/c)V⋅A.
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    no i didnt know, i will try it
    thank you
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