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Homework Help: Charge vs. Electric Field Strength

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    The question in question:
    "If charge was plotted versus electric field strength; what shape of graph would you get? How would you straighten in? What quantity would the slope of the straightened graph represent?"

    Related equation: |E|= F/q

    Ignoring the graphing information, the question (as far as I gather) seems to be asking me to rearrange for q/|E|.

    |E|q = F
    q = F/|E|
    q/|E| = F/|E|^2
    From that, plotting charge versus field strength results in Force versus the square of the field strength. Which doesn't seem very helpful at all. The units there are C/(N/C), or C^2/N.

    So, my issue: Am I going about this in the right way? If so, where do I go from here? Does C^2/N represent anything of worth?

    At a bit of a loss here, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think this is asking what you would plot so that the graph becomes a straight line.

    You are correct in saying that [itex]E=\frac{F}{Q}[/itex] If you re-arrange for Q, you get
    [itex]Q = \frac{F}{E}[/itex]

    How would you put that in the form Y=MX+C to get it into a straight line?
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