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Cheap and Good Laser Safety Glasses

  1. Oct 10, 2012 #1
    I'm looking for a laser safety glasses. The biggest laser I'm going to use is a <20 mW green (532±10 nm) laser, with no infra-red leakage (though I checked it with only a phone camera in night-vision mode), so I will need something good enough for this. I also have other green and red lasers, but all of them is <5 mW.

    Any suggestion for a vendor that could provide cheap but good safety glasses?
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    jspear, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    I am assuming here that you were born with and still have two functioning eyes. If that's true, how could you possibly risk permanent damage to them by soliciting protection advice here? Do you trust your measurement with your cellphone camera enough to risk your eyesight? Someone may unknowingly refer you to a safety glass vendor that produces a faulty product, you would acquire it, use it, and then suffer permanent damage to your eyes!

    Besides the logical argument, there is a liability issue here on PF, I guess. I refuse to suggest, as you asked for (good but cheap), any vendor. What if the best protection is expensive? May I suggest you consult with a trusted expert in the field? Perhaps the laser manufacturer itself?

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    Hi Bob, thanks for the fast reply. :smile:

    I can tolerate expensive things, what I don't want is to get ripped off.

    Actually, this is the reason I'm forced to look for help in the Internet. Let's just say that in my country, education and science are not a priority, and finding a good-enough expert is really hard. Is there anyone that you could suggest me to consult to?
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    Andy Resnick

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    Kentek is a reliable manufacturer.
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