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ChemE graduate school without engineering major?

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    It just so happens that my school does not offer an engineering major or even a physics major (I have to take physics classes at a nearby school).

    I'm currently majoring in math and chemistry. I have wondered whether or not I should transfer to a great ChemE school so I could pursue my interests.

    I'm particularly interested in nonlinear dynamics and transport phenomena, which were the subjects of my research experience the past two summers. I've only taken an intro to chaos class which covered nonlinear dynamics, but I got a good taste of both fields while doing research so I'm sure that's I'd like to pursue (broad I know). Materials science is also an interest.

    Do you guys think transferring is a good idea? I'm not sure how easy it is to get into a good ChemE graduate program for research without the degree
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    How far along are you?

    Math and chemistry are both pretty applicable, so you're doing well there.

    At my school, there are three students in the process of getting a ChemE masters who were not undergraduate engineers (all three studied chemistry). For them, it's basically added about 1.5 years of "prep" time to take the prerequisite classes to get prepared for taking graduate level classes. They are taking the essential ChemE classes that are not covered in the chemistry curriculum.

    I don't think it's really possible to do graduate study without some form of catch-up, because you really need the background in the topics to start studying in greater depth.
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