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Choosing Engineering Program (UNDERGRADUATE)

  1. Nov 1, 2009 #1
    I just completed my A level and I want to get admitted myself in the Engineering Undergraduate Program in Canada. But now I am in a fix in chosing which Engineering program I should apply for. I am pretty interested in Civil as well as in Mechanical Engineering. But my main problem is I am weak at drawing skills. So in Civil and Mechanical Engineering do it really need a good skill at drawing part??? Because, I have come to know from the Universities' curriculum that Civil Engineering involves a lot of drawing for making structural design. In this respect, my question is HAVING A POOR SKILL IN DRAWING WILL IT BE WISE TO TAKE THE CIVIL ENGINEERING???
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  3. Nov 2, 2009 #2
    Most likely your first year will be a general one, ie, you shouldn't have to worry about choosing a discipline yet.

    Most diagrams I've had to draw in my limited experience, have been Free Body Diagrams, and those are more like sketches than anything. As long as you make them neat, you should be fine.
  4. Nov 2, 2009 #3
    Most drawings are made via computer nowadays anyway. CAD, ProEng, etc.
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