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Cinnamaldehyde from cinnamic acid

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    Can somebody please tell me how to convert cinnamic acid to cinnamaldehyde? I was planning to first make it into the alcohol and then use PCC, but then wondered that reducing the acid might also reduce the α β unsaturated carbons too. Is there any reagent that would do the trick without causing any further troubles?
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    I don't think if you'll use a mild reducing agent, it will disturb unsaturated atoms.
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    So will NaBH4 work? Or Lindlar's? Or Pd with BaSO4?
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    If you want to use Lindlar, do it so via Rosenmund reduction. I leave the work up to you, now you have got the hint.
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    I would go with lithium tri(tertbutoxy)aluminum hydride under these conditions.

    Any time you use Pd reagents with hydrogen you risk some cross reactivity with olefins.
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