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Circuit with 1 independent current source

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    Hi I've tried to solve the following circuit using Kirchoff's laws but i get wrong results.I know that because I've got a different solution of the same excercise.I've attached the image.My question is what are the equations of Kirchoff's laws because I try this over 2 hours and I can't figure out what is wrong
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    This looks like homework - there's a dedicated PF forum for that sort of thing.

    With that said, even if I zoom in it's very difficult to make out what's going on in your attached image. Could you possibly attach a higher resolution image of the important bit without all the blank space?
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    I can't upload any other image ,I don't why.If you open the image with paint and zoom you would be able to see clearly the circuit

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    I can make out the circuit, but the text is mostly illegible.

    You need to use a template when posting homework problems. If you create a new thread in the homework section, it will appear automatically. If you'd like, you can have this one removed afterwards by using the 'Report' button in this thread.

    You should really try to include a better image.
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    I tried that ... still too small to read clearly ... draw a larger circuit with appropriate larger text

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