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Circuits in upper E&M?

  1. Apr 4, 2012 #1
    we are learning a lot about circuits in freshman physics 2 - does junior/senior E&M do circuits - or do i need to take a circuit course if i want to learn more about circuits beyond freshman physics 2? thx
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    You probably won't cover much circuits in you're upper level EM class. You win probably learn more about inductance, which is certainly relevant to how inductors work, but you won't be learning as much about circuits as you will in a freshman level class.

    In my school we had an electronics lab where we learned more about circuits and built them on jobboards, but i think that is something that depends on what school you're going to.

    My best advice, look up the textbook being used for your upper level EM class. It will probably be Griffiths.
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    I 'think' it's pretty standard to take a lower or upper division lab on circuits. It may be called something like 'Physics Lab I,' or something generic though.
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    As always, "your mileage may vary" from one university to another. Look at your university's course catalog or web site to find out (at least approximately) what your upper-level courses contain.
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