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Civil Engineering with specialization in aviation or Aerospace Engineering

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    I'm currently in 2nd bachelor in engineering (major mechanics and minor electrical engineering).

    My university offers a master in engineering with the option Aviation and Space Travel, but I can also switch to another university (in a different country) and do a master in Aerospace Engineering (with a premaster program ofc.)

    (Side note: It seems the definition of civil engineer is different in my country, so sorry if the title sounds misleading. Here it's a title you receive after you obtain a master degree in any sort of engineering and grants you some rights (like designing your own house without asking help from an architect etc.))

    My goal is to work for some space agency (ESA/NASA/... I don't really care, as long as I can do something related to space).

    Should I take the master in mechanical engineering specializing in aviation and space travel or should I switch to Aerospace Engineering?
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    I'd take Aerospace Engineering because I think you'd still be taking mechanical engineering classes
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