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Aviation is the activities surrounding mechanical flight and the aircraft industry. Aircraft includes fixed-wing and rotary-wing types, morphable wings, wing-less lifting bodies, as well as lighter-than-air craft such as hot air balloons and airships.
Aviation began in the 18th century with the development of the hot air balloon, an apparatus capable of atmospheric displacement through buoyancy. Some of the most significant advancements in aviation technology came with the controlled gliding flying of Otto Lilienthal in 1896; then a large step in significance came with the construction of the first powered airplane by the Wright brothers in the early 1900s. Since that time, aviation has been technologically revolutionized by the introduction of the jet which permitted a major form of transport throughout the world.

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  1. Field physics

    How to find Malaysia flight MH370?

    I tend to love watching videos by a yt content creator called "Mentour Pilot" his videos debrief aviation accidents, explains lots of the physics involved and engineering. One of his recent videos had me thinking for a little while now and I would like everyone's opinions. This video is about...
  2. J

    How Can an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Explore Physics and Space as Hobbies?

    Hi I am an aircraft maintenance engineer reading about Aviation ,space and physics ( very amateurish level) are my hobbies
  3. R

    What sparked my lifelong passion for aerospace and astronomy?

    I was born in 1954. I live in the Philippines. I'm retired. I have been an avid aerospace/aviation fan since 12. I bought my first telescope at 13. It was a 4.5 inch Newtonian reflector. I saw the Orion Nebulae, the Andromeda galaxy, Jupiter and Saturn pass behind the moon.
  4. pinball1970

    Airbus & CERN Partner to Promote Superconducting Tech for Clean Aviation

    https://www.airbus.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/2022-12-airbus-and-cern-to-partner-on-superconducting-technologies-for "Airbus UpNext, a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus, and CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, are launching a project to evaluate how superconductivity can...
  5. Abheer Parashar

    Rotating Detonation Engine, the future of aviation propulsion?

    Hello everyone, I am Abheer and I am a high school student. Few days back I saw an article about RDEs (Rotating Detonation Engines). The article said it is the future of aviation propulsion. I want to ask, is it really so that RDEs are future or the low/high bypass turbofan engines will continue...
  6. Field physics

    I Aviation Enthusiast's Tale of Ruining a Flight Sim

    So my amazing wife ( a bio-chemist and gamer) was playing a flight sim. So, I love aerodynamics, aerospace engineering, and am a serious aviation enthusiast. I see that she is flying a Boeing 747 Freighter ( a heavy large 4 engine cargo plane) and she does a vertical takeoff. So mission was to...
  7. J

    Hydrogen in the Aviation Industry -- Survey

    Hello Everyone- I'm completing my Master's Degree in Commercial Aviation. I'm conducting a capstone research project about the potential of an industry shift to hydrogen, and have created a quick survey. If you have additional insight in addition to the survey, please respond in the comments...
  8. J

    German contributions to aviation

    I read lots of comments,text like this:"American, Russian or European,aircrafts all of them are German systems, ideas, experiences and technologies After World War II, Russia and America offered German scientists, engineers and researchers asylum and work under their supervision or punished...
  9. Nonametheone

    What are the rules for asking questions on mainstream science and math topics?

    I am a real person. I ll do my best not to ask dumb duplicate questions.
  10. L

    Range calculation for Airbus A320 aircraft

    Homework Statement Hi to all, the Task I struggle with, is the range calculation from an Airbus A320 with the Breguet Range Equation which is defined as: Homework Equations R = (cl/cd) * (V/(g*SFC)) * ln(w0/w1) with V = velocity g = gravity SFC = specific fuel consumption w0 =...
  11. G

    I Aviation safety plane crash question/idea

    So you know I've been wanting to ask this question for some time now. Everytime you hear about an aviation disaster it is usually a plane that has had some trouble either with technical stuff or less often due to pilot error or otherwise, but what I want to say with that is that a big commercial...
  12. T

    How accurate is my wind tunnel for testing RC plane wings?

    Hi everyone, I am new and I hope I'm putting this in the right section. I am currently a Sophomore in High school and I am building a wind tunnel. It's not for a class but rather its is like an independent study. I have been into planes pretty much all my life and I am hoping to get a pilots...
  13. G

    Mechanical Engineering Thesis Topic Suggestion

    Hi, I study Applied Mechanics and I'm in the last year of my study. I try to find some interesting topic for my master's thesis that will be at least a little innovative. Topics offered by my university are unfortunately quite usual and "old-fashioned". And I want to do something a little bit...
  14. F

    Delta wing vs standard plane (Paper model)

    I made a few paper airplanes. I noticed that the common paper airplane (shown below) https://i.ytimg.com/vi/v29M7Oa1l-A/hqdefault.jpg flies much further/better than paper planes that look like standard 747s. Any know why ? I expected 747 like plane to be very efficient at generating the lift...
  15. F

    Other Possible tracks during Masters Aerospace Engineering?

    I am having a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked in consumer products production industry for some 4 years. I decided to go for Aerospace Engineering masters, a complete change of track from my work experience, primarily due to my passion for aviation. I wanted to ask what...
  16. mheslep

    Electric Aviation Developments

    NASA has press release out today highlighting its electric aviation program via a new 4-seat X plane to explore the concept, the X-57. Most interesting to me was this claim: which I imagine comes about by having a much large propulsive air flow area across the 14 e-motors, allowing the prop...
  17. A

    Topic: Hydraulic Fluids in Aviation

    Hello, We all know that, in Commercial aviation, we use Hyjet (SKydrol or 500B4). and in military we use MIL-H-83282 (red oil). what are the main reasons? MIL-H-83282 has a synthetic hydro carbon base and contains additives to provide the required viscosity and anti wear characteristics, which...
  18. P

    Revolutionizing Aviation: Faster Takeoff and Landing Technology Explained

    hello! I recently flew from Athens to London, with regular flight. I noticed that a significant part of the whole travel time is taken by the take off and landing. Why don't we develop a system, similar to helicopters, in order to achieve the fastest take off and landing? Also, I wonder why...
  19. S

    Thrust in Newtons (aviation)

    Given that an engine's rated power is 160 HP (~119kW), how can I express thrust (T) in Newtons, if aerodynamic drag (D) requires weight expressed in Newtons as well to ensure consistency when calculating power available (Pa) and power required (Pr)?: D = (\frac{1}{2}\rho...
  20. G

    Exploring an Exciting Aviation Career: Math and Aerospace Topics

    I'm new to the forums but joined because of its aerospace and math topics. Just wanted to ask if anyone was interested in an aviation career. I'm considering pursuing one..not sure where to start. I did find an aviation consulting firm; "SkyCrew Aviation, Inc." apparently its for guys like me...
  21. M

    How Does Installing Equipment and a New Seat Affect an Aircraft's Balance?

    A 5lb Piece of equipment is installed on a aircraft on a Aircraft 45 inches aft of the C of G. A new Seat is also fitted 60 inches fwd of the C of G, Weighing 3.5 lbs more than the old seat. What is the resultant moment? I Know its 60-45=15 Im not sure do i have to use the weight for...
  22. A

    Passion for aviation, where to start? A high school student

    Hello everyone, I'm a high school 10th grader from Thailand studying at a rigorous private boarding school in the US. I have a passion for aviation and aeroplanes, and my dream is to be an aerospace engineer. The problem is though, I do not know where to start. Seeing my friends at school...
  23. K

    What are booster stages in aviation Gas Turbine

    Guys, I was reading about Turbofan and somewhere while browsing Defence Turbofan engines I came across Booster stages, but I didn't find any description or what are booster stages in Gas Turbine (Axial Compressor)
  24. A

    Calculating Density: A Challenge for Aviation Maintenance Students

    My teacher gave us a problem to find the density of an object that weighs 40 lbs. and has a volume of 120 cubic inches. I think the answer is .33 lbs. per cubic inch, my teacher said it is 3.3 and some of my classmates said it was something way different. In my teachers defense he is a...
  25. K

    Aviation, Temperature vs. Density Question

    Hey guys, I'm an aircraft maintenance apprentice and I've been wondering about the air that is squeezed through a carburetor vs the carb heat air that is put through the carburetor to prevent icing. The air going through the venturi of the carburetor increases in velocity, lowers in density and...
  26. J

    Next big thing in the aviation iddustry

    what do you think is the next big thing in the aviation industry, what areas do you think can be improved...in terms of control systems..or mechanics... Share your thoughts!
  27. E

    Surfactants in kerosene fuels used in aviation

    Hello, I have a few questions about unwanted surfactants in JET A-1 fuel? Are the surfactants mostly responsible for the dissolved (trapped) molecules of water in the fuel? Could a surfactant part which is lyophobic to fuel molecules, be, at the same time, hidrophilic to the water molecules in...
  28. H

    Book about Aviation (not advanced)?

    Hello people! I'm a physicist (Phd student) with a good Physics background. I'd like to get some very good book about aviation in terms of Physics and Engineering. It shouldn't be very hard and detailed book since I'm not an engineer but at the same time it should contain a lot of "science"...
  29. Y

    Trying to power devices in general aviation aircraft

    Hello, Don't know if anyone out there can help, but thought this would be a good place to ask. I have a small aircraft (piper arrow) that I would like to run a few devices in while traveling. These devices include a laptop, a GPS puck (GPS18) and custom unit that retains postions...
  30. G

    How is aviation radar able to track objects in three dimensions simultaneously?

    I understand the theory of radar but not aviation radar. It is my understanding they can find an objects position in the x, y, and z axis simultaneously. How does that work?
  31. S

    Engineering Career Question of engineer in aviation industry

    Hello, everyone. I come from hong kong. I am still barely a fresh graduate (1.5yr after grad.)with good grades in school. currently, I am working as an asst. mechanical engineer. However, I am willing to become an engineer in aviation industry. I am wondering what would be a possible way...
  32. mheslep

    X Prize Clean Aviation: $10 million

    An MIT collaboration with the X Prize foundation may soon release a proposal for a fastest coast to coast flight using only electric power. http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2009/x-prize-1217.html" I am thinking some of the electric ducted fan technology discussed...
  33. mugaliens

    Aviation Mishaps and Issues - Current and Ongoing (Investigations)

    I've noticed that several of us, if not many of us, are flyers, including one of the admins. I'd like to propose a thread to discuss current aviation mishaps, or at least ones which recently occurred. It's not a place to dig up old accidents, other than as they're related to current/recent...
  34. V

    Want advise on moving up in aviation career

    I have been in aviation as a mech/tech for about 20 years. Now 40ish and looking at the possibilities of going into aerospace engineering (aeronautical or electrical or...). Basically I am bored of being a mechanic all the time and want to step up to area of design it and figure it out rather...
  35. J

    How Do Principles of Flight Apply in Real-Life Aviation Scenarios?

    Hi guys, I`m a student, and I need to do scientific research in order to answer some questions which have to do with science and math. I then have to write workpiece about it. Since I`m an aviation enthusiast, I've chosen to place my research in the background of aviation. I`ve made a few...
  36. wolram

    Weird Aviation Videos: Models or Something More?

    http://www.alexisparkinn.com/weird_aviation_videos.htm scroll down to bottom of page for video. Are these models? impressive looking.
  37. K

    Civil Engineering with specialization in aviation or Aerospace Engineering

    I'm currently in 2nd bachelor in engineering (major mechanics and minor electrical engineering). My university offers a master in engineering with the option Aviation and Space Travel, but I can also switch to another university (in a different country) and do a master in Aerospace Engineering...
  38. D

    Advice: EE to work in Aviation Industry

    Hi, I am currently an EE and soon will be entering the workforce. My primary goal is to work for Boeing/Sikorsky/etc... for those of you that are in the industry or know of it -- what courses are absolutely crucial to succeed? Obviously, the EE fundametals, such as circuit design, signals and...
  39. S

    Investigating Aviation Fuel Spoilage: Understanding the Plot Hole in Battlefield Earth

    Number of weeks back I was reading in Wikipedia on plot holes in movies, one of the mentioned plot holes is in an awful movie I'm going to do my best to avoid: Battlefield Earth. But I digress. The plot hole, among others, is aviation fuel spoils after a few years, so it would be impossible to...
  40. J

    Iran Airforce Capabilities - Analysis by Iranian Aviation Analyst

    Hello, this topic is about Iran Airforce and its capabilities. I am an aviation analyst from Iran and I will provide you any information you need... Thanks, waiting for replis...:biggrin:
  41. K

    VOR Circuit Test: Learn More About Aviation Testing

    Hi,:cool: I really confuse about VOR circuit test of couse I mean for aviation, I want to know how is it working? If anyone has idea about that Please tell me.:frown: Thx a lot :rolleyes:
  42. wolram

    How Do Pilots Manage Crosswind Landings?

    Whats with this bunch, land an airyplane its so simple, what a bunch of wallies, now a cross wind landing is different, and more exciting, the most difficult part of aviation i found was knowing where the heck i was.
  43. Andre

    In Search of Alternatives: Aviation Fuel for a Durable Economy

    In another thread we talked about converting to a durable economy that is not dependent on fossil fuel. Now flexibility on energy and mobility seem to be inverse proportional. In static plants you can use anything that's available. Cars are more limited although there is still a range of...
  44. E

    What Can You Discover on the Russian Aviation Forum?

    Here is a Russian-based aviation forum: www.flymig.com/forum