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Clarification regarding rolling cylinder with CG slightly above

  1. Jul 22, 2012 #1

    Can any one please clarify the following?

    Let there by a rolling cylinder on an inclined plane. Let the solid cylinder(with Center O) on the inclined plane has Center of gravity at a distance 'c' slightly above O. If the cylinder is displaced slightly through an angle θ then

    [Let N = normal reaction; F= Rolling friction]

    1. What is the work done by rolling friction F
    I think, W1 = F. c Sinθ. ---- Can you tell am i correct here?

    2. What is the work done by Normal Reaction?
    I think it is W2 = R. (c - c Cosθ) ; --- Can you tell me if i am correct here? I know that the work done by normal reaction for a cylinder with center O as zero !

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    Can any one have a look at this?

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    gentle reminder
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