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Classes for next semester

  1. Oct 23, 2006 #1
    I am in Aerospace Engineering and I am about ready to schedule for classes next semester. I was thinking about taking Calc 3, Physics 1, Thermodynamics, Auto Cad, and probably something else. As I have been looking at this I am thinking it will be a tough semester. I might think about changing something around. I still have to take static’s too, but with that in there would be like having 5 math’s in one semester.
    I want to make sure I keep my GPA over a 3.0 and even raise it closer to 4.0 so I really don't want to take something Impossible to where I get ok grades instead of higher grades. any suggestions?

    I have been taking calc 2 this semester and I heard that Calc 2 is the hardest out of the math’s from calc 1 to differential equations. Is this true?
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    I thought Calc III was harder. It depends on your prof and your book. Assuming your book will not change throughout the calc series, it really will depend on your professor.
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    yeah I guess that is true. My calc prof this semester is only letting us use scientific calculators... which it has actually helped me with figuring out graphs better. I did here that a Dif Eq prof here at UB doesn’t let you use a calculator at all. I am going to have to talk to people here and see who is the best prof for calc III.
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    Don't you need any electives like social science or writing. If so, take one of those.
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    Well I did those already in my prior degree I was going for. I have enough social sciences I believe, and all my writing classes out of the way, so I just have all the fun ones left :u) I am going to head over to my advisor sometime next week. I got 2 tests tomorrow, Chem and American politics. I am ready for Chem but I hate American Politics lol. I think maybe I will take a Astronomy class if they have one, that would be fun :u) Thanks for the suggestions
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