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Classes preparing for Applied Mathematics

  1. Jun 27, 2012 #1
    Hello, I'm a high school student with a preference for math. I want to go into applied mathematics. I have gone through AP Stats and Calc BC, as well as Multivariable Calc and Linear Algebra, also APC/IBHL Physics. I have original research done in biostatistics/bioinformatics and in application of vector fields in predictive weather. I want to take classes that would prepare me well for applied math for college, and my choices for senior year are below. They are all semester classes, and I have 3-5 semester-long slots open.

    Original Differential Equations
    Partial Differential Equations
    Real Analysis
    Complex Analysis
    Modern Algebra
    Linear Programming

    (Of course, some are pre-requisites for others)

    Which ones would be the most beneficial for me to take?
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