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Homework Help: Classical Physics of Matter

  1. Nov 26, 2014 #1
    A sealed container of volume 0.1m^3 holds 3.0x10^24 atoms of helium gas at equilibrium. Distribution of speed of the helium atom shows a peak at 1100ms^-1.
    i) calculate temperature and pressure of the helium gas.
    ii) what is the average kinetic energy of the helium atoms?
    iii) what is the position of the maximum in the energy distribution?

    Take mass of each helium atom to be 4.0 emu.

    2. Boltzmanns energy and distribution equations

    I really am at a loss in how to go about this. Please offer me some guidance.

    Think I should let 1/2 mv^2 = 3/2 kT and some how work that around to get temperature and thereafter volume but I am stuck.
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    You have written the names of some equations that are of interest, that is a good start. Now, how do these equations look and how can you use the provided information to find unknowns using them?
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