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I Clear formula for water penetration by wave frequency

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    I want a clear formula for clear water (and salty water) penetration by giving only the radio wave frequency .
    I searched the web , the formulas on the web are so complicated .
    Are there any simple formula available for that ?
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    Not my field but what sort of wave? Light? Sound? Radio? Mexican?
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    I mean radio wave
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    I don't think that's a serious possibility. Could this link be of any help? You could extract some data from the graphs from this golden oldie. (I loved the kMC/s for GHz)
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    Another aspect is accuracy I presume. Neat clear formulas tends to be empirical in nature which typically only are fairly accurate over a limited set of input frequencies. So what level of accuracy you need/want and over what range of inputs matter a lot too.

    For visual frequencies I've used https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beer–Lambert_law along with measured absorption coefficients (interpolated). But my work was just for rendering, not absolute accuracy.
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