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Code for fluid dynamic in 3D written in Scilab

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    I am new at forum, could please somebody send me a code for fluid dynamic in 3D written in Scilab, mathematica or Fortran. I will use it to start with learning!b


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    Re: cfd

    I have no idea what you are asking here. Mathematical fluid dynamics includes a huge number of problems with a huge number of formulas and algorithms. Are you asking for someone to give you all of them in "Scilab, mathematica, or Fortran"?
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    Re: cfd


    i would like to make a simulation of some non newton fluid in a single screw extrudor, what is known alkso as kneader. For solving the equations of motion btw navier stokes in cylindrical coordinates I must solve a set of pde EQUATIONS. i know those three programs, but I would like to get a sample how to solve a simple system and will in next step mirror it to my sysietm.

    Can you send me some example?

    Thanks JG
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    Re: cfd

    The problem is that you're asking for a simple example, or a sample code snippet, which does not exist. Even the most simplistic code could potentially involve dozens of modules and take a great deal of learning in order to understand what's actually happening.

    In graduate school, we wrote a quasi-1D explicit solver (only 3 coupled equations, not 5), and it took the entirety of two semesters of class and programming.
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