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Homework Help: Coefficient of rotation friction

  1. Aug 13, 2007 #1
    I am a student and i am doing extended essay on bowling. My topic is to investigate the relation between friction and the direction of ball curving (hook ball). On conducting the experiment, I face a problem on finding the coefficient of friction between rotating bowling ball and bowling lane. How to find the coefficient of rotation friction?
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    You could measure the magnitude of the frictional force acting on the ball by determining the distance it takes to come to a halt. That is the work done by the frictional force is then equal to the initial kinetic energy of the ball. This means that you need to measure the initial speed of the ball (the distance is then also measured from this point). The coefficient is then the ratio of this force and the weight of the ball. Remember that the ball has both translational and rotational kinetic energy that is removed by the frictional force.
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    adnrevdh, i do not think your method is feasible... the bowling ball does not come to a stop because of the friction force.
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