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Coil winding direction on opposite legs?

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    I am winding a transformer. I want to get it done right the first time.

    The transformer has a square core with a coils on opposite legs.

    I want the polarity to be the same on each coil so how do I wind them?
    Should the start of the windings be at the top of each coil?
    Should the direction of the wind be the same for each one?

    Or since the coils are on opposite legs should each coil be wound in a opposite direction and start at opposite ends?

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    Here is a good diagram:


    This is from the Wikipedia article about transformers.
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    That drawing shows one coil is wound CCW while the other is wound CW, that answers one of my questions.
    What about the coils if they are multi layered, where should the start and end of each coil be?
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    It doesn't matter as long as the direction of the winding is as shown. The polarity of the ends of the windings will be as shown.

    Yes, the windings are in opposite directions relative to the flux around the coil.
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    Thanks for the help and info. You have helped me a great deal on this site and I really appreciate it;)
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