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Collectibles Conundrum

  1. Feb 14, 2009 #1
    Well, it's not exactly a collectible, but some might consider it worth obtaining. Currently, I'm considering selling off an account I have in a video game. I got a credible offer of about 500 dollars, but I still play it sometimes and it's somewhat valuable to me from a sentimental point of view, but time is also of the essence as the account will probably be worthless in a year's time. If I sell the account, then I made money off something I enjoyed doing for a couple years. On the other hand, 500 dollars is one week's pay and I have no debt or real wants at the moment to use the money on so it would basically sit in the bank.

    I ask you, PF, what would you do in my situation? I know some people are going to say "well it's really up to you", but I like to pick rational answers so I'm appealing to people outside of the situation to determine what is the "best" decision.
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    I play SimCity for hours on end, and developped many cities.

    I delete the cities like nothing. I have no sentimental attachment. It's not like you can't play the game anymore.
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    I'd get rid of it, take a vacation.
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    Well you can also make a city in a couple days. I had invested some of my down time over two years into this, so I got a bit sentimental.

    I ended up getting rid of it today -- thanks for snapping me to my senses! I'm not quite sure I will take a vacation, but a piece of furniture or two for the new apartment might do as well.
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    What game was it?
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    WoW... 500 bucks for an account :wink: what's next? I'm selling my email inbox for anyone that's interested, I'll chuck in the spam filters for free...
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    World of Warcraft. Some people go absolutely crazy for good accounts. I have had friends that have sold theirs for over two thousand dollars.
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