Physics Collection of free physics and mathematics video lectures!

  1. Hello!

    I am a physics student and I am interested in science. During the last
    few years I have
    been watching various video lectures in physics, mathematics and
    computer science
    from different universities.

    One day last week I decided to organize the list of bookmarks I had
    and to share it
    with everyone online.

    Here is my blog:

    If you are interested, check back on occasion since I will be adding
    links there.

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    Well if nobody else will say it, nice idea! Perhaps this would belong in the tutorials section. Just a word of caution though a lot of these types of link go dead very sudenly as courses and whatnot change so you'd have to make sure you check them regularly or get feedback from users who find dead links.
  4. Hey, that's really great. I spent a while searching for audio lectures on the net. I work a pretty boring job but I spend all day with my headphones in. Was looking for some lectures to listen to during the day. Think I'll just rip the audio from these files, thanks a lot.
  5. Good job! I love video lectures!
  6. Great site, I really love it!
  7. wow!!thank you very much! I didnt know MIT had open courses kwl.
  8. Thanks! Keep up the good work. I listen to lectures on my iPod all day at work, makes time fly.
  9. That is a nice collection you have there! Have you considered using another blog software like wordpress? It allows more customization although you would need a host other than one of those free blog hosts.
  10. Yes, I have. I am already working on the new website!
  11. Thank you,i been looking for something like this for a while.
  12. Thanks for putting these together, much appreciated.
  13. Thanks ben :biggrin: That will be a big help as well
  14. Good job.Thank you!
  15. Fantastic. thanks

  16. woww!! Good job!
    Sorry the page your looking for can't be found.
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  19. very Good job! I love video lectures

  20. Greet efforts
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