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Compass with stronger magnetic?

  1. Nov 10, 2011 #1
    If compass on is not heading to south or north, the stronger magnetic will help it quicker return to the position?
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    The compass have the ability to turn around to the position of south or north if not in the position, for the compass with stronger magnetic, will it return more quickly than the weak magnetic one?
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    You can answer your own question: what would you expect if an extremely weak magnetic compass needle were used...say one that is barely able to turn in response to the earth's magnetic field because it is so weak.
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    I am worried about the not extremely way... There are two points I consider: 1) If the magnetic is stronger then the needle should be heavier. 2) if the magnetic is made by electricity, then the temperature on the needle will be higher, so making the magnetic weak. So the fastest returning may not by the extremely strong magnetic needle. So how strong is best?
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    hi tor1chip

    1) ... not necessarily, rare earth magnets produce stronger magnetic fields with no increase in size over a nickel/iron magnet, in fact for the same magnetic flux density the magnet will most likely be much smaller

    2) ... electricity ? what electricity ? :)

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