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Complete Invisibility

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    I am really new to this site and i'm only 15 so if this sounds unclear please forgive:

    When light hits water it diffracts so i want to ask would it be possible to make something invisible between this medium of when the light hits the water and defracts.
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    But not all the light refracts right? Remember you can see through water as well as see reflections off of it. So some light will go through the water and interact with what you trying to make invisible. I guess you could try to use steep angles to the enemy so all they see is reflected light (like a flattened boat using a sheet of water covering it to reflect light away to make it look like part of the lake or river) but that would only work in bright days and would easily be compromised by polarized sunglasses.
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    Thanks still...
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    Welcome to the PFs, oozie1! :smile:

    By the way, there's no such thing as "only 15".
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    ok hows this lets say you have a large flat sheet of metal, you cover bothe sides with small cameras and projecters. the projecters at the front give out the image from the cameras on the back and vice versa, so although the object is not invisiable you technically see through it, however this only works 2d, we now need to try and make it work 3d, help?
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    Interesting question, oozie1.
    My idea is, you use lightguides (fibres). You could build a hollow ball, and connect any two antipode points with a lightguide. Everything inside the ball would be invisible because the light is guided around it. But I think you get problems with the geometry - there is not enough space for the fibers to twist around each other inside the ball.
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    but would my ide work do you think, or could it have the same problem when made 3d
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