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Complex Analysis or Differential Geometry first

  1. Apr 27, 2012 #1
    I have to choose which math course I'm going to take next term. I want to take both but I'm already taking two physics courses and my college's distribution requirements require that I take an English next term.... bleh... I could audit one of the physics and then take both math courses, but that would be extremely difficult (I tried it this year and had to drop the audit after 5 weeks of drowning).

    Anyways, the differential geometry course is a tutorial, meaning it's going to be extremely in depth, and this course is only offered once every two years. I really want to take it, but I feel like complex analysis makes more sense to take as a sequel to real analyis. What do you think?
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    It doesn't matter, both can be taken right now. So choose what you like best.
    If differential geometry isn't offered a lot, then you should take the opportunity and take the course.
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    Ideally, you will study both at some point. If you have to choose one, I recommend differential geometry. This will help you understand general relativity better. Complex analysis on the other hand will help you understand things like integrals and the fundamental theorem of algebra, things that aren't quite as closely related to physics.
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