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Homework Help: Compression from a statue

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    A 2480-kg statue is placed on top of a cylidrical concrete (Y = 1.6 x 10^10 N/m2) stand. The stand has a cross-sectional area of 6.5 x 10^-2 m2 and a height of 2.2 m. By how much does the statue compress the stand?

    this one deals with volume deformation but I'm unsure of how to start it out. I know I need to calculate the bulk modulus with the given values, then I will be able to calculate the change in volume. can anyone offer me some help to start this off?
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    This problem is pretty much the same as the others you posted. If you know the contraction of the concrete stand caused by the statue, then you can calculate the change in volume easily.
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    The proper formula I have been given is as follows: delta V = Vi + delta P + B

    Where B is the bulk modulus; I cannot find the bulk modulus of concrete in my book - all that is listed are other solids such as Al and Steel. Am I correct to say that the above formula is what I am looking to use?
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