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Computer Engineering VS. Telecommunication Engineering?

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    Hi all!

    I need detailed and authentic advice on this subject. Currently I'm doing Telecommunication engineering and I'm in my second semester (so I have open choice to switch to computer engineering). Appearently, due to some reasons, I really have problems in deciding which field is better, computer engineering or telecom engineering? I'm talking from the research point of view. An instructor told me that computer engineers have more opportunities into research as compared to telecom eingineers. Is that really so?

    I'd really appreciate detailed advice and if there's some online source comparying the two fields, kindly do let me know. I'd have thankful.

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    I vote strongly in favor of telecom engineering (of course that's the decision I made). Many of the existing telecom engineers will be retiring soon and there should be no lack of openings. Furthermore the telecom industry is undergoing some significant changes and will need good engineers to bring them about.
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