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Is Computer Engineering worth it in this day and age?

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    Basically, I'm a sophomore at Stony Brook University and I was doing biomed but now I think I want to be a software engineer so, I'm trying to get into the Computer Engineering program at my school.

    I did research and I learned that software developers/software engineers are growing in demand and it's a very lucrative field.Additionally, I've learned that comp E is a combo of EE and computer science. So, my conjecture was that if I can't land a job, I have the option of being am EE with CE degree or even being a hardware engineer. I know that computer hardware engineers are not as in demand as software engineers are but it still appears to be decently in demand. I also know that chemical engineers often work for oil companies and make a lot of money. I kept telling my dad that I've read the stats for the two professions and their salaries are in the same ballpark and I don't want to do chem E b/c I feel like I'm too far behind coursework wise and it'll take me 5-6 years to complete. I don't think I can handle such a long term commitment. Then he told me that I'm making a big mistake and I won't realize it until I'm noticeably older. So, to combat what he was saying, I looked up more stats. I learned that from 2010 to 2020 there will be an influx of 1800 more jobs. However for software developers/engineers, there will be an influx of 270,900 more jobs. For computer hardware engineers there will be an influx of 6300 jobs. This is one of the main reasons I chose computer engineering. Although these professions have similar salaries comp E and software engineering/development appear to be more in demand.

    In sum, my dad told me that he wants me to live a great life and be financially secure and he doesn't believe I can achieve that as a software developer and that Chemical Engineers command more respect in society. He believes that computer engineering is a saturated field and the fact that I'm a Nigerian american male won't help me much either. Honestly I want to be able to make a decision that will allow me to live a rather upper class life. So, I would really appreciate your input guys.

    Btw, this is where I got my stats from



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    Nothing is as Epic Fail as choosing a career based on primarily money rather than on what you are interested in or are good at. Yes, it's ideal to have all three but choosing for money but not actually liking or being good at something is pathetic and sad.

    If you are interested in or like computer engineering on its own or as an adjunct to biomed, then you should consider it. If you don't know what computer engineering entails, learn more about it so you can make an informed decision. If you "know in your bones" you either don't like it or are just "meh?" about it, but are doing it because it "makes money", just don't. What makes money now may not be what makes money in 5, 10, 20, 40 years. Better to do what you enjoy and are good at regardless of whether you make a load of money. You only get one chance at life and it's a tragedy to waste it doing something you hate.
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