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Computing Mass of gas molecule from specific heat

  1. Dec 3, 2007 #1
    The mass of a gas molecule can be computed from its specific heat at constant volume [tex]c_v[/tex] (note this is NOT [tex]C_v[/tex])

    Take [tex]c_v=0.075\frac{cal}{g*C}[/tex] for argon and calculate (a) the mass of an argon atom and (b) the molar mass of argon.

    I just finshed the chapter on Kinetic Theory of gases, but for some reason I am completely jammed on this one.

    Can I get a hint to get me going?

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    You are given a heat capacity per gram. The usual ideal gas statement of heat capacity is per mole. Compare the two to get grams per mole.
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