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Concept : Capacitors in Parallel

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    What is the conceptual perspective of why equivalent capacitance is in parallel is more than the individual capacitance?
    (assume we have a parallel network of capacitors of equal value)

    I know the formulae, decoded the concept behind the eq cap in series but couldn't make any sense out of the parallel combo!
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    Are you familiar with the equation that is used to calculate the capacitance of a simple parallel plate capacitor?

    [tex]C = \frac{\epsilon A} {d}[/tex]

    Where A is the plate area and d is the plate separation. What can you say about the effective area of two caps in parallel? What does that do to the capacitance C in that equation? :smile:
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    Capacitance is C = q/V .
    I say, Capacitance of the capacitor in my hand is 10 Columb per Volt. Which means, If I put in 10 Columbs of charge into it I will get a voltage rise of 1 Volt.
    So, If I have two such capacitors in parallel, I would have to put 20 Columb to get a voltage rise of 1 Volt.
    So, two 10 columb per volt capacitor in parallel is 20 columb per volt capacitor (because, they have to share the charges (unlike series configuration))
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