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Concussive effects of asteroid impact on marine life

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    I was doing some reading on the effects of air blasts from asteroid impacts when I realized that i've never seen any data of the potential effect on marine life. Since sound travels farther and faster in a liquid, wouldn't an asteroid impact in a large ocean (liquid) have a more profound concussive effect than it's gas counterpart?

    I've been searching for the past couple of hours to no avail. The terms i'm using seem to be too generic and all I keep running across are the gas effects.
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    Referring more to larger scale impacts such as the Chicxulub and Wilkes Land crater in Antarctica. Asteroids approximately 5mi in diameter and up.
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    So far I've found a few semi-related sources, but still nothing that deals directly with the acoustics. I've found numerous papers on impacts in shallow marine bodies, but each paper states that the effect is still treated as a typical land impact. The latest sources i've been able to find are no later than 2002 which is now six years old.

    Closest related sources yet...

    Ormo, J., Miyamoto, H., Computer modelling of the water resurge at a marine impact: the Lockne crater, Sweden, Deep Sea Research II, v.49, p.983-994. 2002.

    Large waves caused by oceanic impacts of meteorites

    Even the University of Arizona's impact simulator writeup (2005) states that they did not spend a great deal of time incorporating marine impact effects due to the complexity of the calculations. The sources they stated for reference with marine impacts only deals directly with the cratering it's self where one ref. actually goes out on a limb and calculates the possible wave/tsunamis that could be generated. Again, no acoustics while the land-impacts receive quite a bit of treatment...

    "Effect of a Water Layer" p.831-832
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